A ADSL internet connection (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is your sure way to getting online. If it’s basic online tasks you seek and the most cost-effective solution to getting online, then ADSL is the way forward for you and your family.

ADSL Internet Connection

If you do not use the internet very often, or you just need to accomplish simple tasks such as reading your emails, looking up new recipes, research for a school project, or to watch funny cat videos from time to time, then ADSL is for you.

An ADSL internet connection is best suited for simple browsing, light internet activity where you do not need large amounts of bandwidth or fibre-like download/upload speeds.
ADSL is your reliable, secure, and dedicated internet connection that’s there when you need it.

ADSL internet solutions that cater to everyone around the home, giving them just what they need to take the next step to the online world.

If all you and your family require is to get on the net to view emails, social media, watch the occasional YouTube video, DevTel can offer you ADLS that suited for your exact requirements.

Let DevTel take out all the guesswork for you and let us find what’s best suited for you and your family around your home!