Fibre To Home

Bringing fibre into your business could be the best decision you’ve made as it comes with many benefits such as insanely-fast Upload and Download speeds that are more cost-efficient, and reliable, with the average cost of fibre optic internet reducing over time as the technology matures as fibre has less maintenance and networking hardware costs.

Home Fibre Internet

Cloud services need speed and bandwidth for optimal performance, making fibre internet the superior conduit for getting the most out of the cloud, that would allow your business to store, manage and process data efficiently and more cost effectively.

Fibre gives you a dedicated and consistently reliable connection. It isn’t just about doing one thing online much faster. It’s about everyone at your place being able to do everything they like online, all at the same time, with no connection problems whatsoever.

While you’re on the internet getting work done, the kids can still watch their YouTube videos all at the same time. High-stability and virtually fewer to no interruptions.

Perhaps you work from home and without the internet, you can’t get any work done? Fibre is the one solution for all. DevTel knows a thing or two about getting your internet needs where you need to be.

Keep everyone at their happiest whilst maintaining top speeds and reliability. Whether it’s work or play, DevTel’s fibre solutions never seem to disappoint!

Having a fast, reliable and well-supported internet connection has moved from being a luxury to being a necessity for all businesses! We have moved from the times of replying to emails 2 days after it was sent and moved on from selling door-to-door and over the phone, we now rely on the internet to sell and grow our businesses. Also keeping up with the latest trends, technologies and society as a whole.

So do not let your business fall behind with the rest of the world get your fibre installed by the best today!

Let us get you connected today so you can enjoy the online world the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Let's Do it!