About US

DevTel is A Division of Devinity Trading (PTY) Ltd, which was established in 2002, providing products in the telecommunication industry and great service to our customers.

Our team of driven individuals are willing to go the extra mile for our customers at all times, we are bringing new innovations, the 24-hour turnaround time for any customer needs and system faults, taking the Internet Service Provider space to new heights.

DevTel Colleagues Discussing Ideas

DevTel has been in the ISP and Telecoms industry since the early days of 2002. It’s been more than two decades and we’re still going strong, signing up new customers on the daily and keeping major companies and coperations high up off the ground.

If there’s any single person or company out there that knows their stuff, just know that DevTel takes it up a notch above the rest any flexes their true telecoms muscles!

High-Speed Internet

Nothing but the best and fastest fibre available at affordable prices. Choose your fibre package and plan, we’ll do the rest. You’ll be up and running quicker than you thought.


With more than two decades of expertise in the Telecommunications industry, DevTel knows exactly what’s what and how to smoothly and successfully run a South African ISP and Telecoms business.

Installation & Setup

Same-day installations and setups where time is money. DevTel will install and set up your requirements there and then so you don’t lose out on any downtime.


No other individual or company knows tech support like DevTel does. When it comes to troubleshooting and problem solving, DevTel knows how to deal with situations over the phone in no time, right there and then!

Customer Service

Need help? DevTel is available to assist all customers with problems and troubleshooting within a matter of minutes. A DevTel team member is on standby waiting to assist you.


With prices to suit everyone’s budget, DevTel offers you and your business the best competitive pricing amongst the rest. Best yet, there are packages that not only suit your budget but your specific needs, too!

Company Information


Offer IT solutions when others can’t uphold their part of the deal. DevTel is here to offer nothing but the best in everything when it comes to your home and office automation requirements.

The Best Technology

Nothing but the best in internet services and telecoms. The latest 21st-century technologies in the telecommunication industry for everyone to benefit from

Transparent Pricing

What you see is what you get. No hidden costs or extra charges. DevTel has price plans that will suit everyone’s budgets while still receiving the best in class internet and telecommunication solutions.